We offer the future of TV, a complete platform as a service (PAAS) offering TV Operators and their customers a better TV experience – at less cost
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Seamless on-boarding of programming & supply of new TV content.


An intuitive ground breaking way that allows viewers to find and interact with TV content.


Personalised commerce that allows the Operator to package and price content down to a single individual.


Cross device consumption allowing the TV anywhere experience.

Our Platform


Increasing Content Choice

We can supply TV Operators with IP cleared content from niche linear channels to premium sport and entertainment content. Our back office has been specifically designed to allow 3rd party content to be easily added, whether that content is licensed or unlicensed. In addition, the Platform allows TV Operators to curate programming by creating specialist linear channels from existing VOD content.

We aim to change the paradigm – by enabling the TV Operator to instantly monetise content.


Improving Viewership

We can keep the Viewer constantly updated with appropriate recommendations from channel guides and on-demand libraries to the Viewers’ friends and other networking social feeds. And if the User wants to delve deeper into what content there is available, we provide a search functionality powered by semantic technology, for a search that reflects how users think and talk about content.

We aim to change the paradigm – by treating the Viewer as an ‘individual customer’ not an eyeball.


Improving ARPU

We can package, price and up-sell content right down to a single individual. Content can be offered with a pricing model that suites both the TV Operator and the Viewer e.g. pay–per-view, monthly subscription, download to rent or own, even advertising funded.

We aim to change the paradigm – by providing the ability to price and package content down to the single individual


Seamless integration of devices

The Users get to watch exactly what they want to, whenever they want, on any device. We offer live streaming, Catch-up TV and VOD store capability. If Viewers do need assistance our Telco grade CRM is always there to help.

We aim to change the paradigm – by creating an environment where Viewers watch more of your TV content so they have less of a reason to leave and more of a reason to spend!

About Us

The Juzou employees have a clear mandate – to create ground breaking technology that transforms the way TV Operators use video to create revenue. The Juzou Platform is the end result of many hundreds of hours of R&D to combine specialist technologies into one complete package, a full end-to-end IP enabled TV solution, designed for OTT deployment by TV Operators and new entrants. Juzou looks to empower its clients so they can act as the primary source of entertainment to their customers, for all their TV content needs.

There is no doubt that the future of TV is being able to offer and monetise any type of content that can be viewed anywhere. However with so much new content available how does the customer find the content they want and how does the TV Operator monetise that content? That’s where Juzou comes in. Our sophisticated back office allows the TV Operator to easily on-board content, aggregating live, linear, VOD and freely available video content into one unified viewing experience across multiple devices. Our search and recommendation technology allows the customer to find the content they want and our commerce technology allows the TV Operator to price and package content to suite them and their customer.

We believe that all TV Operators recognise that they need to deploy a multi-platform TV service, but many struggle to reconcile the high capital cost of developing these services against the projected revenue benefit. To overcome this barrier we look to leverage the TV Operator’s existing technology infrastructure with our own solution, which means that when it comes to installation and cost, we’ve already done all the hard work, making deployment quick and cost effective. With a seamless deployment process we look to operate in a mostly OPEX model which alleviates the capital risk.

  • Content Aggregation, Curation & Distribution (we can provide premium sports & concerts to niche linear channels)
  • Live Streaming (we stream sports, concerts & entertainment events)
  • VCMS for Content On-boarding, Catch-up TV & VOD Store Capability
  • Multi Screen Implementation with Common UI
  • White Label Branding
  • Geo and Device Filtering
  • Conditional Access
  • Metadata Ingest
  • Multi DRM Support
  • Recommendation & Search Technology
  • Social Media Integration
  • Commerce Technology for Transaction, Subscription, and Ad Supported Business Models
  • Telco Grade CRM
  • OSS/BSS API’s & web Interface
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